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Welcome to our BRAND NEW "ask efw" section. This is a totally open forum where you can ask us anything! Special thanks to KJ for her suggestion.

From SP - I feel silly asking, but what is "cybersex"?

SP, no need to feel silly.  I had to ask around myself when I first got online!  Cybersex is when people use ICQ or another instant email (or chat) to have online sex. They will tell the other person what they are doing to them.  Here's an example...

Person 1:  I slowly kiss you neck working my way down to your breasts.
Person 2: Ooooo yes, that feels good
Person 1: Slowly I circle your nipple with my tongue.
Person 2:  You are making me so hot...

I tried it a couple of times and although some friends reallly enjoy it, I prefer the real thing.

From Anon - You always seem to be promoting a site or pushing banners.  I thought this was a free site, what gives?

First, surf the web and check out other sites.  You will find we have a lot less banners and other advertizing stuff.  We are a free site, meaning it does not cost you a penny to visit and access the content.  However we do have costs assocaited with this site such as hosting fees, search engine submission fees and we do purchase some content.  There are 3 people that work on the site an average of 10-20 hours/week each.  No one gets paid for their time.
We try to at least cover the costs that we have to pay. It is vital to the future of this site that people visit the sponsers.  We try to get the best sponsers we can find but as you know, there are a lot of crap sites out there. The more people that visit sponsers, the more income we get, the fewer banners and advertizing you will see.

From J - I have recently become sexually active and I am not that good at making love.  My girlfriend says I am like a bull in a china shop.  Ideas?

1) Slow down
2) Softer is better
3) Think of you gf's desires 1st

Based on my experience, it is a lot more fun to take it slow.  Engage in foreplay that lasts LONGER than 5 minutes! The wind blows and guys get hard.  It takes a lot more for a women to get sexually arroused.  Next, remember that softer is better.  Sexual organs are sensitive.  A light touch will do far more towards getting your gf arroused.  And last and MOST important, think of your gf first.  If you keep her sexually satisfied, she will do the same for you.


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