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forthegirls NEW!
This is one of the best sites for WOMEN that we have found! It is run by two girls that were sick and tired of sites trying to pass off gay guys or filled with the sick perverted stuff guys like.  Their site does have some hot, revealling stuff ~ pictures, movies, stories and more.  They are a membership site and the tour gives you a great idea of what members get to enjoy.

Quality E-Zine for women. This is another HIGHLY RECOMMENDED site for women.  It is a monthly exine filled with everything from women's issues to sexy guys to name it.
adultfriendfinder NEW!
editor's note: I have checked this out extensively and what a cool site. If you are female, you can view a lot of ads for free each day. They have over 1,000,000 people in the db and a lot have pics. Everything from women seeking women to groups seeking groups!  THIS IS A MUST SEE and I'm not just saying that because they sponser us!
Adult Personals Site. You can signup for free, no credit card req'd and view up to 3 ads a day.  HUGE database of ads to search and some have pictures.

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