Gentle Touch
by sld


I have always been what I would call a sensual women.  Of course, I enjoy sex just as much as anybody else but after 7 years of marriage to a wonderful guy that thinks sex and sensual and love are one in the same, I found my desires not being fulfilled.  This is the story of how I fulfilled them.

Laying in bed, my crotch sore from the "wonderful lovemaking", or so my husband said, I began to think about my college days.  I had roomed with a girl name Mary.  She was a very attractive, petite, fun loving girl and also a lesbian.  She used to always kid me about being straight, saying I didn't know what I was missing.  She would describe the soft caresses she received from her lovers, how they would lay for hours on a raining Saturday, kissing, holding, touching.  Being from a very religious background, I had always shied away from her suggestions that we get together to show me what she meant.  Although I never accepted her offer, I wish I did.

For you to understand the events that led me to sleep with a women, you should know more about my experience with guys.  The first time I ever made love I was 17.  He was my high school honey.  We had dated for most of the year and had some really good times.  Every Friday night, after dinner and a movie, we would drive out to the river and park.  It was always the same.  After all of 10 minutes of kissing and heavy petting, he was ready to fuck.  And I do mean fuck.  I always hated that word but for most guys it is a fitting description of what they want.  Well I finally decided to give in to him and we fucked.  Well, he fucked, I actually laid there with the seat beat buckle jamming into my back while he pounded away.  Shortly thereafter, our "never-ending" love shriveled up and went the way side of so many other high school dreams.

It was almost a year later before I was with another guy.  I had met him at my night job at the diner.  He was the manager and my senior by almost 10 years.  I was sure that he would be a great lover, with all his experience.  I was wrong.  He would take me out on the town and we would go back to his place where it was always the same.  Foreplay was a hug and a kiss that led to him groping madly and roughly until we were undressed, him on top of me pumping away wildly.  I did enjoy the sex but it was always short-lived and rough.  The only orgasm I ever shared with him was the one time he slowed down long enough to touch the right spots the right way.  My love life pretty much continued in this manor until I ended up meeting my husband.

He swept me off my feet.  In the early years, he always brought me flowers and he did have a soft touch in the beginning, but that was soon replaced with sex that was neither spontaneous or satisfying.  We tried different things including toys and new positions but it was always the same.  When he mounted me, I felt like a piece of meat there for his pleasure only.  He didn't like licking me because he thought it was unsanitary.  Of course he did like me to suck him, that was different after all.  While he had dreams of being with me and another women, I had dreams of my own.  I dreamed of a lover that would hold me, caress me gently, hell I would have been happy with someone that would know if I had an orgasm without having to ask.

So I lay here, in bed, my pussy sore again, my desires unfulfilled, again.  It was then that I decided enough was enough.  I was going to find satisfaction in bed one way or another.  It was a timely decision.

About a week later, a new woman started to work at the store I was managing.  Her name was Karen.  She was a tall, slender, dark haired lady in her early 30's.  She dressed very sharply and always wore tight fitting clothes that highlighted her pert breasts and shapely ass.  We became very close friends, having lunch together daily and drinks together every Friday after work.  She was living with a really nice guy but suffered from the same lack of tender lovemaking that I did.  When asked if she had ever been with a women, she said no but did want to try it sometime.  That time came about soon after.

We had closed the store and gone to the local pub for a few drinks.  I was startled when she asked me to dance but accepted her offer, after all my husband never would dance with me.  As she led me by the hand to the dance floor, my mind raced with anticipation of where this was all leading.  We danced enthusiastically, watching the bounce and sexy moves of each other.  When a slow song finally came on, I started to return to our table only to have Karen grab my hand and pull me tight against her body.  As we swayed arm in arm, the feeling of her breasts against mine excited me greatly.  Slowly she let her hand drift from my back to my rear and once there, her hand softly caressed my round curves, making me wet and excited.  When the song ended, we hurriedly drove back to her apartment.  Her boyfriend was out of town on business, which I found out later was all part of Karen's doing.

We sat on her couch sipping wine, talking and laughing for hours.  The whole time my mind was reeling with emotion.  I knew where this was all leading and knew I could stop it if I wanted but I didn't want it to stop.  Was what I was doing wrong?  Was I soon to be cheating of my husband?  Was sex with the same gender really a sin as I was taught in childhood?  For whatever reason, my desires took over and cast out my uncertainties.

Our conversation reached a lull and I used the opportunity to reach over and peck Karen on the lips.  It was a soft, quick kiss that sent thrills shooting throughout my body.  I pulled back and our gazes met for a brief moment before she took me in her arms and began kissing me passionately, deeply.  Her lips were soft and smooth.  As our tongues mingled, she ran her hand through my hair and caressed my face, something my husband rarely did anymore.  Overcoming my fears, I reached for her breast and began slowly touching her through the tight fabric of her blouse.  Very quickly, her nipple became erect which excited me greatly.  As I played with her breast and nipple, she dropped her hand to my shirt and began unbuttoning it.  Ever so smoothly, she released each button using a single hand.  I chuckled to myself, thinking how clumsily my husband attempted the same move.  With my shirt open, Karen undid the clasp on the front of my bra, also one handed.  My breast fell out of my bra into her awaiting hand.  The soft skin of her hand gliding across the soft skin of my breast was a feeling I had never known before.  My nipples responded to her touch becoming very hard and extremely sensitive.  Out passionate kissing stopped and Karen began kissing my chest and nipples.  She used her tongue like a feather, caressing and teasing.  I was so sexually excited, I could feel the total dampness between my legs.

Sensing my state, Karen rose and led me to the bedroom.  She had me stand at the foot of the bed as she slowly undressed me, not letting me help at all.  Once naked, Karen asked me to lie back on the bed.  I did as asked and then watched as she slowly undressed herself.  When she took off her panties, I saw she was clean shaven, another thing I had wanted to try but was convinced by my husband not too.  Seeing her smooth, hairless skin made me want to run my hand over it, made me want to kiss it.  Karen climbed onto the bed next to me and our kissing began again.  As we kissed, we explored each others bodies.  With the touch of an angel, she ran her hand over my face, my neck, my breasts, down to my pussy.  I opened my legs a little giving her better access to touch me.  Her finger found my swollen clit and she massaged it with such a delicate feel that I had never know before.  She moved her finger up and down, mingling with the wetness that was growing.  I let out a moan as she slide her finger inside me.  It felt so wonderful, so sensual.  I kept waiting for it to get rough but it never did.  She maintained a slow, gentle movement, in and out, then massaging my clit again.  My hips began to pulse up and down in unison to her movements.  My hand found its way to her vagina and found it as wet as mine.  Her wetness combined with her shaven smoothness made the whole area very slippery, warm and inviting.

Karen stopped her rubbing and caressing and slowly began kissing my body, working down between my legs.  Ever so softly, she spread my legs wide and then my lips before she started kissing on me.  When her tongue first touched my clit, I let my head fall back, closed my eyes and actually saw stars. She lightly nibbled and suckled on my clit while gently fingering me.  The combination was yet another new and thrilling experience.  I had always enjoyed a delicate touch and this was by far the gentlest touch I had known.  As I became more and more excited, I wanted to kiss and lick her as well.  With Karen's sweet kisses still between my legs, I moved so I could do the same.  We ended up in the 69 position.  With my face only inches away, I could see clearly.  She had large lips and a very large clit.  I began kissing and licking her, tasting her sweetness, and she responded with a moan and started to squirm.  I took her clit into my mouth and sucked lightly. My reservations were completely gone, replaced by a desire, new and strong. Not sure exactly what to do next, I did to Karen what I had dreamed about being done to me.  I slid two fingers into her while still sucking and kissing and began to make love to her with my fingers.  Slowly I slid them in and out.  Before long, our fingers and our hips moved together, our ecstasy growing.

She rose slightly and positioned herself so her spread legs were between mine.  Slowly she move down until her pussy and mine were touching.  I gasped, feeling her soft delicate skin touching mine.  We both began rocking our hips, grinding our sensual parts together, our wetness mingling.  Our movements stayed steady but gentle as our temperature rose and the excitement built.  Karen reached down with both hands and grabbed my waist.  She caressed my skin and we made love, endless love, until we both orgasmed together.

I did end up going home that night,  actually early the next morning, and was greeted by a snoring husband, unaware that his "all time favorite" fantasy had come true just not with him in it.  Karen and I continue to get together to this day, about once a month and now I stay the night, explaining to my husband that she does not like being alone when her boyfriend travels.  He doesn't mind because I am always in a good mood when I return home.  I have been working at getting him to be more gentle, with limited success.  One night I made him stay perfectly still while I climbed on top and made love to him.  He tried to quicken the pace, but I stopped and threatened to get up and get dressed if he moved again.  Maybe one day he will learn the difference between fucking and making love.  Until then I have Karen.  Other things are changing as well.  Tonight I am sure he will be shocked to see I am now shaved smooth.  He will say something and I will just explain I did it for me, for a change.

copyright 1999, all rights reserved